Health Care Communication – Keeping it simple

I really do love this video, it just appeals to me in so many ways.  Recently i was  following this conversation on Linked in it’s on the group it’s called the  Healthcare marketing community  join it if you  are  interested. The  conversation that I was being a  part of was the complexity of communication in healthcare and it indeed is very important to understand as  Marketers the intricacies of the  message that we are sending out.

In recent times i have come across a  lot of  institution centric  advertising,  or speciality centric  approaches  specially in india. But that’s not it sometimes we do use a  patient centric approach but somehow the brand behind the  patient treatment seems to become to loud.

Heres another video by Pfizer around which the  discussion was based

But then how are these advertisements different .   I think they are different  because  they work on the following two levels .

They are clear  about their understanding of  who they are  looking at  reaching out to , or  what phase  of the see- think – do stage there at.

More importantly they understand the whole emotional tumult that s associated with a disease not just  for the  patient but also his care givers, friends and family.

That,s what really ties in both the advertisements for me . While the first is fact based  and the other  more emotion based  i still feel that somehow they follow the  same line  of thought.

It’s so simple at times but we seem to get  lost in the complexities  of our brand,  So here’s to keeping it simple

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this  post are my own and  are  not meant to be derogatory  to any institution or organisation. These are just my thoughts and  these are open for further  discussion and  development. Please do comment and  share and  let’s get some universal cognition into this. Thank you for your patience and  tolerance.

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